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"We don’t just make glasses which allow you to see the world for what it is, our glasses are made so the world sees you for who you are!"

A team of expert eyewear designers once had a dream. A world where eyewear was a way to express an individual’s personal style. For a long period of time, they observed what people look for when choosing their glasses.

They carefully studied the shapes, sizes and the type of glasses, people of all age groups prefer. Their observations were not just limited to the extensive geographical locations of the United States.

The passion to design a distinct set of frames and sunglasses for people belonging to diverse cultures and societies continued their quest in many countries. After visiting France, Italy, Spain, Russia, India and Germany, the team finally found just what they needed to design the perfect pair of glasses. Convenience, affordability, and expert artistry.

That is when Zac Vert was born.

With over 18 years of dedicated services in the eyewear industry, we understand that glasses are one of the most personal accessories an individual owns.

Zac Vert’s skilled professionals use the highest grade materials and the latest technology to create frames and lenses that are highly durable.

Along with every production step, there are also multiple checks to ensure that every pair of glasses we craft, flawlessly fulfills our vision and pushes forward our concept.

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